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At Pegasus Skydive Center, we are going to assign with your own personal instructor, goggles, and  parachute / harness. we are here to make your Skydive in The Poconos an experience you won’t forget.
  • Bookings require a $50 deposit per tandem skydive.
  • All the Tandem prices are rated for students with weight under 220 Pounds, if you or someone of your group weight more than 221 pounds, please call the office for availability and check the extra fees below, the maximum weight for a tandem student is 260 Pounds.
  • Follow this link if you want to know more about prices to Learn how to skydive by yourself.


Pay in Cash when you arrive and receive $10 off per person or a T-shirt valued at $20.

Tandem Skydive

An amazing tandem skydive without video, most popular in the persons who are looking skydive for the first time, enjoy the view without distractions or just no interested in video. We highly recommend to get the video before the jump, because after the jump the price will be increase.

If this is not your first time skydiving, please ask your instructor if you can open the parachute, we love to teach people how to fly, we are also a skydive school.

$249 Weekend

$225 Weekday

Group rates Available

Skydive Poconos

Tandem Skydive: Handcam Package

Never jumped from a perfectly good plane before? Jump with one of our professional Instructors and have the experience of a lifetime. This jump includes a custom, one of a kind video taken by your Instructor. Capture your full experience in HD!

This package is a promotion and offers a better rate than adding the video the day of your jump!


The Best Deal

How much is skydiving

Tandem Skydive: Ultimate Video

Having the thrill of free fall with the best of the videos, we offer a video combination, an outside videographer is going to be flying from of you in free fall, and he will be at the ground recording your landing. In the same time, your instructor is doing a selfie video of you in freefall and after the parachute is open. The whole combination is what we have here, the Ultimate Video, the best way to immortalize your experience.


Our Premium Package

Skydive Allentown




Price per person.



Price per person.



Price per person.




A third person filming all your experience.



Your instructor is recording everything with his wrist camera.



Outside video and Handycam combined.

Additional Cost

  • Handycam Video After The Jump: $109
  • Overweight fee 220 Lbs to 235 Lbs : $30
  • Overweight fee 236 Lbs to 245 Lbs : $60
  • Overweight fee 246 Lbs to 265 Lbs : $90
  • Please, call the office to make sure you are available to jump if your weight is more than 220 Lbrs.

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