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Let’s make it extra special jumping from a plane!


We know exactly how you feel, looking to do something amazing and creative. We would love to assist you in the process. We often receive calls from people inquiring about the possibility, and we want to ensure you know that it is possible. Stop hesitating and give us a call to confirm that we can help you with your skydiving marriage proposal.

There are some considerations to keep in mind.

– Choose a Location

Our location is in the Poconos Mountains offers an epic setting with breathtaking views that make you believe anything is possible.

– Plan in advance

We do´nt recommend that you just show up and make it happen. We want to be part of the planning process to ensure the best experience of your life end with a “She Said YES!”

– Hire a Skydive Photographer

Having a third person filming your experience is the best way to capture it. This person will be able to document the entire process, creating a memorable record for you.

– No Both of them have to jump

One of you can choose to stay on the ground if you prefer. We understand that skydiving is not for everyone, but we also know that it can be a dream for someone.

– Keep it original

We have seen a few proposals, so we believe that each one should be unique. If you have an idea, please let us know, and we will determine its feasibility or assist you in the right direction. From getting thinks such as a big banner with big letters saying “Do you want to marry me”, having that in your T-Shirt,or just asking before jumping out of the plane are just some ideas about what we will do together for your proposal idea.

We have a facility where you can invite all your family and friends to witness your landing and celebrate this incredible moment after jumping from a perfectly good airplane with our instructors.

Skydive Proposal
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