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We want to celebrate your birthday jumping from a plane!


Are you thinking of celebrating your birthday in a unique way? We know exactly how and we are going to make sure you love it. Jumping out of a plane on your birthday can be the best idea because we’ll ensure that you never forget this awesome experience with the help of professional instructors who will celebrate with you.

Whether it’s just you or a group, we will be happy to accommodate everything we can to make your party the best.

There are some recommendations to keep in mind.

– Choose a Day

We understand that jumping on your birthday with a skydive will be exciting, but it’s important to keep in mind that skydiving is weather-dependent and affected by other variables. We recommend booking in advance, but also consider jumping the day after or before as an open option, we dont want you to spend the whole day of your birthday waiting for the weather to improve. That’s why once you made your reservation, we’ll keep you updated about the weather so you can plan ahead.

– Plan in advance

Whether it’s just you or a group of people skydiving for your birthday, we want to ensure that everything is prepared for you. We have the capacity to accommodate more than 40 jumpers and spectators who want to join your party. Our facility provides a pleasant area where your friends can watch your landing and cheer with you. Making a reservation in advance helps everything run more smoothly and ensures that we have everything ready for you.

– Hire a Skydive Photographer

Having a third person filming your experience is the best way to capture it. This person will be able to document the entire process, creating a memorable record for you.

– Also The Best Gift

When considering giving an unforgettable experience, skydiving can be the ultimate gift. We offer gift cards and bundles to ensure that we can be a part of this amazing present that your special person will remember forever.

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– Keep it original

Jump with a custom, show up with a cake. We love to have fun and we are always open to listen to your ideas, Nothing can´t be too wild for us. Once your instructor meets you, they will be your best friends for the next hour. We celebrate just like anyone else.

skydive birthday idea
skydive birthday